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Other Voices — short story collection

Other Voices is a collection of short stories by ten West Australian writers. The collection gives voice to a variety of life experiences, and in particular, to those who are typically unable to speak loudly and clearly for themselves. The stories convey themes of memory and loss, power and illness, morality, unease and personal tragedy. … Continue reading Other Voices — short story collection

Love Thy Food — a mindful eating journey

Harbouring a hankering for lemon tart, an intoxicated tomato or a wormy salad? Or perhaps a decadent chocolate cheesecake, uncooked and dairy-free, is more to your liking? Whatever titillates your tastebuds, you are more than likely to find a thing or three to inspire salivation within the pages of this scrumptiously quirky book. Be entertained … Continue reading Love Thy Food — a mindful eating journey

Uncooked — recipe ebook

Uncooked is for anyone who has hit a mental block when trying to be healthy and creative at mealtimes. It is for anyone who wants a starting point for raw food or easy-to-follow wholesome recipes. It’s for anyone who has been to an A Foodly Affair uncooking class and lost their recipe sheets. This ebook … Continue reading Uncooked — recipe ebook

With Respect — a biography

  The idea for this book was born one hot, hazy summer day in 2014 as Ann-Marie Lowry and Wilma Mann sat on a bench under a tree overlooking the Nedlands foreshore. Ann Marie pointed to the jetty and floating restaurant, the site of the former Nedlands Baths. “My dad lived at the baths when … Continue reading With Respect — a biography

The Munja Track — more than a guide

The Kimberley region, in the far north of Western Australia, is among the most remote places on Earth. The Munja area, on the edge of Walcott Inlet, is among the most remote places in the Kimberley. In 1938, Frank Lacy accepted a government contract to walk 1,000 head of cattle to Munja from Nulla Nulla … Continue reading The Munja Track — more than a guide

Growing Georgia — a memoir

Georgia has been defined by her illness in many ways but it has never stopped her from getting the most out of life. It has taken a village to get Georgia here, and the village has created a charming, independent woman. This woman has a story to pass on to generations of people — a … Continue reading Growing Georgia — a memoir

A Kaleidoscope of Silence — an anthology

Silence says so much more than voice. Silence is not only the overarching theme of this collection, but an unseen character in each of these twenty stories. Work completed: cover and interior book design; photographs; image conversion and placement; copy editing; proof editing; creative liaison Published: May 2018 (paperback) Guide price: $19.95 (AUD) Print length: 96 pages … Continue reading A Kaleidoscope of Silence — an anthology

Far Away by the Sea — a family history

Marie Bridges grew up in war-torn England where her favourite book, The Wizard of Oz, was her escape from reality. She remembers Dorothy being blown away to another world, wishing the same thing could happen to her. But Marie wasn’t blown away to another world: in 1959, she sailed willingly to an unimaginable land of … Continue reading Far Away by the Sea — a family history

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