Uncooked — recipe ebook


Uncooked is for anyone who has hit a mental block when trying to be healthy and creative at mealtimes. It is for anyone who wants a starting point for raw food or easy-to-follow wholesome recipes. It’s for anyone who has been to an A Foodly Affair uncooking class and lost their recipe sheets.

This ebook features over 60 raw food recipes that have been tried and tested in A Foodly Affair’s most popular classes over the last 5 years—from juices and smoothies, to spreads, main meals and decadent desserts—-all with a focus on wellness, mindful eating and sustainability.

Work completed: project planning; cover and interior book design; photography; image conversion; ebook development; ebook publication; ebook distribution
Published: October 2014 (ebook)
Guide price: $2.99 (USD)
Print length: 147 pages
Available on: Amazon, Kobo, and other great ebook retailers

Love Thy Food — a mindful eating journey


Harbouring a hankering for lemon tart, an intoxicated tomato or a wormy salad? Or perhaps a decadent chocolate cheesecake, uncooked and dairy-free, is more to your liking? Whatever titillates your tastebuds, you are more than likely to find a thing or three to inspire salivation within the pages of this scrumptiously quirky book.

Be entertained by short stories and other tender morsels as you are tempted into the kitchen by over 50 eclectic recipe and menu ideas. Within these 231-ish pages, you will find a conscious approach to deliciously empowered eating through easy-yet-impressive cooked and raw recipes that can be adapted to just about any diet.

Love Thy Food is more alive than your average cookbook. This is a tasty introduction to mindful eating from a self-healed foodie who asks a lot of questions in the process of loving her food.

Work completed: project planning; cover and book design; photography; image conversion; ebook development; ebook publication; ebook distribution
Published: December 2012 (ebook)
Guide price: $9.99 (USD)
Print length: 231 pages
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Other Voices — short story collection


Other Voices is a collection of short stories by ten West Australian writers. The collection gives voice to a variety of life experiences, and in particular, to those who are typically unable to speak loudly and clearly for themselves.

The stories convey themes of memory and loss, power and illness, morality, unease and personal tragedy. They take readers on a journey into 19th century England, post-war Europe and Iran, and other imaginary worlds, and to contemporary settings in Australia, France and Italy.

Authors featured in the collection include Sue Braghieri, Rebecca Collins, Dawn Fisher, Amanda Gardiner, John Hollywood, Julia Mackay-Koelen, Wilma Mann, Rashida Murphy, Josephine Taylor, and Hannah van Didden. The introduction is by Richard Rossiter, and the afterword by Ken Spillman.

Work completed: project planning; cover design; ebook conversion; ebook distribution; handover of ebook management to the client
Published: 13 April 2014 (ebook); December 2013 (hard copy).
Guide price: $2.88 (AUD).
Print length: 89
Available: in hard copy from the Peter Cowan Writers’ Centre, and as an ebook via Amazon and all major ebook etailers