Uncooked — recipe ebook


Uncooked is for anyone who has hit a mental block when trying to be healthy and creative at mealtimes. It is for anyone who wants a starting point for raw food or easy-to-follow wholesome recipes. It’s for anyone who has been to an A Foodly Affair uncooking class and lost their recipe sheets.

This ebook features over 60 raw food recipes that have been tried and tested in A Foodly Affair’s most popular classes over the last 5 years—from juices and smoothies, to spreads, main meals and decadent desserts—-all with a focus on wellness, mindful eating and sustainability.

Work completed: project planning; cover and interior book design; photography; image conversion; ebook development; ebook publication; ebook distribution
Published: October 2014 (ebook)
Guide price: $2.99 (USD)
Print length: 147 pages
Available on: Amazon, Kobo, and other great ebook retailers