The Munja Track — more than a guide


The Kimberley region, in the far north of Western Australia, is among the most remote places on Earth. The Munja area, on the edge of Walcott Inlet, is among the most remote places in the Kimberley.

In 1938, Frank Lacy accepted a government contract to walk 1,000 head of cattle to Munja from Nulla Nulla near Wyndham. The journey took him through rough and largely unexplored country. He was an experienced drover, but it was a formidable task.

Lacy’s feat is just one of many fascinating stories behind what is today the Munja Track – the ultimate 4WD experience. Author Lesley James brings her passion for the bush to this book, an absorbing tribute to the people and beauty of a special part of Australia.

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Published: August 2016 (paperback)
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