Far Away by the Sea — a family history


Marie Bridges grew up in war-torn England where her favourite book, The Wizard of Oz, was her escape from reality. She remembers Dorothy being blown away to another world, wishing the same thing could happen to her. But Marie wasn’t blown away to another world: in 1959, she sailed willingly to an unimaginable land of blue seas and sunshine, with an Australian named Brian Vivian.

Marie reflects on her English childhood and her life in Western Australia — as a theatre sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and eventually a pastoralist’s wife on a Pilbara sheep station where life was extreme: “sometimes beautiful, sometimes treacherous.”

And in gazing back over three generations, she considers the journey of that little girl who was once told she would live far away by the sea.

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Published: December 2018 (paperback)
Guide price: $29.95 (AUD)
Print length: 135 pages, black and white (text and family tree insert) and colour (images)
Available via: farawaybythesea@gmail.com