Love Thy Food.

We are proud to introduce our first ebook – Love Thy Food by Hannah Sforcina.

Love Thy Food is the start of a foodie’s journey into mindful eating.
Published: 10 December 2012. Guide price: $9.99 (USD).
Available on Tomely, Amazon, Kobo, the iBookstore, and other great ebook etailers.


About the book:
Harbouring a hankering for lemon tart, an intoxicated tomato or a wormy salad? Or perhaps a decadent chocolate cheesecake, uncooked and dairy-free, is more to your liking? Whatever titillates your tastebuds, you are more than likely to find a thing or three to inspire salivation within the pages of this scrumptiously quirky book.

Be entertained by short stories and other tender morsels as you are tempted into the kitchen by over 50 eclectic recipe and menu ideas. Within these 231-ish pages, you will find a conscious approach to deliciously empowered eating through easy-yet-impressive cooked and raw recipes that can be adapted to just about any diet.

Love Thy Food is more alive than your average cookbook. This is a tasty introduction to mindful eating from a self-healed foodie who asks a lot of questions in the process of loving her food.


“I must say the combination here of writer and chef has filled these pages with love. Love of food. Love of family. Love of the written word. Love of health. This cookbook is interspersed with musings, poems and short stories which ooze passion about food. My only problem with this book was being paralysed with indecision over what recipe to make first. My kids adore the smoodgy coconut balls and green juice and I am rather partial to a slice of the blueberry (not) cheesecake. I poured over the section regarding feeding children – scouring for tips and tricks. Most of the time my kids are great but its awesome to read another Mothers perspective on what works. This book is a must buy for anyone dabbling into the areas of healthier eating, raw food or who are feeding little ones. A cookbook that will love you as much as you love it :)”
– from The Yogic Housewife, via Amazon

“Love Thy Food…is a little piece of heaven without feeling guilty. From her delicious green smoothie recipe, through to her scrumptious Raw Blueberry (not) Cheesecake, Hannah takes her avid food lovers on a journey into mindful eating of healthy food made delicious for all ages. There are helpful tips from a mother’s perspective in dealing with her toddler’s apatite, through to the more sophisticated palate of the adult world. I believe this is a must purchase for all food lovers, and those who are sceptical that healthy food can be delicious!”
– from L. Giorgio, via Amazon

“This is an excellent book particularly because it will help those who love variety and wish to extend their options beyond conventional cooking. The recipes are very appetising and healthy. I got this book for my spouse and she loves it as well. Nice title.”
– R. Johnson, via Amazon

2 thoughts on “Love Thy Food.

  1. Hannah, thank you thank you for sharing your foodly journey. What a joy to read and experience! The way that you express yourself is incredibly unique and your passion for travel, food, people, sustainable living, prose, love and life absolutely shines within this masterpiece. The photographs are vibrant, poetry and short stories are thoroughly enjoyable to read and worked beautifully well between your recipes and interesting facts. The delightfully quirky way that you present your recipes ensure that the next ‘cook book’ that I look through will be colourless and thoroughly boring in comparison. I wait with baited breath for your next ebook. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks so much, Eloise – and my apologies for the tardy reply. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Love Thy Food.

      Uncooked is coming out on 16 October 2014. Stay tuned for release details.


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